Today the amount of malaria-related information is overwhelmingly presented on the World Wide Web. Below, we recommend visiting some selected malaria sites, classified by topics. In our opinion, they will successfully provide further teaching information on various malaria issues.

General Info
General Malaria Link - will direct you to the broad spectrum of malaria issue classified by topics.
Malaria at CDC - an excellent source of information on malaria by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Malaria at WHO - general info on malaria on WHO's page, contains useful links.
Malaria Quiz - simple quiz to test a very basic understanding of malaria.
Malaria at Brown University - elicits some aspects of malaria epidemiology, life cycle, pathogenesis, cerebral malaria etc.
Comprehensive Indian Malaria Site - an excellent information on various malaria topics including malaria clinical presentation, treatment etc.

Microscopic Diagnostics
Royal Perth Hospital Malaria Site - an excellent online resource on malaria diagnosis. We strongly recommend everyone, who is interested in malaria microscopic examination, to undergo their diagnostic training modules and tests.
Malaria Diagnostics at DPDx
CDC's Microscopic Diagnostics - MMWR's report on microscopic procedures in diagnosing malaria.
Malaria at Union University - a funny guide to malaria diagnostics.

Malaria in eMedicine - a great summary for clinicians on malaria issues.
Malaria Site by Indian experts - an exhaustive online resource center on malaria. Great summary of clinical presentations, treatment etc.
Transfusion-transmitted Malaria - MMWR report on the cases of transfusion-transmitted malaria in the US, 1996-1999.
Management of Severe Malaria - WHO's guidelines in management of severe malaria, an excellent summary for health care professionals.
Malaria in ICU - malaria summary with some emphasis on malaria management in intensive care unit.
Malaria in Pregnancy - an excellent review on malaria in pregnancy.

Global Initiatives
Multilateral Initiative on Malaria - a web page on international collaboration and co-operation in scientific research against malaria.
Malaria Foundation International - a detailed report on malaria worldwide: includes tutorials about malaria, links for more information, and information about outbreaks.
Roll Back Malaria - WHO's global initiative on malaria.
Malaria Center - malaria center at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Malaria Funding
Malaria Funding & Training - MIM page with the information on where to get necessary funding for malaria research

Online Books & Publications
Malaria Online Journal - an online journal of malaria research.
Malaria Handbook - an excellent handbook on malaria written by Italian authors.
RBM Publications - Recent RBM publications on malaria (WHO)
Malaria Update - a great update on malaria epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. An excellent review material on basic malariology.


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