Despite the declining rates of malaria in Armenia, it still remains the disease with a strong resurgence potential, if left outside the continuous public health surveillance and control. The past regional malaria training workshops have indicated a clear need for the continuing medical education of physicians, epidemiologists, parasitologists, and other health care professionals involved in anti-malarial activities in Armenia. High level of awareness and knowledge about malaria among them is crucial for complete eradication of current epidemic and in maintaining sufficient preparedness in the future.

Our comprehensive Malaria Web site is aimed to provide the updated information on various issues of basic malariology. The materials for the Web page are primarily driven from the Malaria Training Program in Armenia, 2002. All materials serve as a core for the malaria training online modules, ensuring the continuing medical education (CME) needs. Multilingual makeup of the Web site (Armenian, Russian, and English) allows a wide access to the Web materials for medical and general public in Armenia and worldwide. The Russian version of the site creates a unique opportunity of accessing the materials online for many NIS countries, currently involved in large/moderate-scale malaria epidemic (e.g. Tadjikistan, Azerbaijan etc.).

The Armenian Malaria Web project has become possible through the sponsorship of the Fogarty International Center, US. We want to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Gail Stennies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Jorgen Kurtzhals from the Copenhagen University Hospital, in providing some lecturing materials. We are also very thankful to all those, whose efforts have helped generating this Web site.

On behalf of the Malaria Team,
Alexander Lazaryan, MD MPH
Malaria Program Director
American University of Armenia


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