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Health Systems in Transition: Lessons Learned, Opportunities Lost course materials are developed by the joint efforts of the University of Copenhagen's Department of Health Services Research at the Institute of Public Health ( and the American University of Armenia's College of Health Sciences and the Center for Health Services Research and Development ( for academicians and practitioners involved in health system design and assessment and/or health policy formulation.

These course materials were successfully pre-tested during the pre-conference workshop preceding the XXVII ANNUAL CONFERENCE "Educating the Public Health Workforce: Development Perspectives for the European and Mediterranean Regions" of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER), 17-20 September 2005, Yerevan, Armenia (

The Observatory's periodic reports on health systems in transition (HiT) are a rich, roughly comparable data source for comparing and understanding the evolution of health systems in transition ( Valuable opportunities are lost when lessons learned are not shared and applied. These materials address the major elements of ongoing reform processes in European health care. They cover a common orientation defining terminology and reviewing methodology for analysing and comparing reforms. The materials provide a conceptual and practical approach to assessing and analysing health systems in transition, highlighting recent examples from HiT reports and identifying emerging trends and key issues to resolve. There are presentations of several case studies on national and regional reforms.

The materials consist of 10 presentations; each of them covers a topic highlighted in the course outline (see "About the Course").

The materials will give you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skill without leaving your home or office; you will not have any expenses to cover the materials or other fees (except internet access charges). Everything is available on-line for free.

Feel free to contact the principal instructors if you have questions or would like to share your ideas about how these HiT reports can be integrated as a resource into public health teaching programs.

Good Luck!

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